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We always keep in mind R&D  with modern manufacturing platforms are at the heart of development.
R&D Department: motherboard design room, mechanic room
R & D's role: designing new products, offering optimal solutions for customers (pictures of R&D rooms)


OUr timeline

2018 Co-operate with KINGSTAR VINA PCB (Partnership)


> Multi-layer PCB production (up to 10 layers)
> ISO 9001 : 2000 Certification, ISO 14000 : 2000 Certification
> UL Approval 
> Supply to LG first vendors (Sulin Electronics, Pien Telecom) charger and SMPS production
> Supply to Samsung first vendors (Taerim) Sekom,
> Development and production of wireless communication PCB registered as a platinum T & A company

2018 Establishment of Khang Nhien Digital Innovation 

> For PCBA and finished product assembly 
> Supply to THACO lighting modules and control modules
> Supply PCBA service for STARFLEX VINA



2017 Supply to many other customers in domestic market


2017 Dien Quang first vendor
2017 Move all production sectors to Nhon Trach III Industrial Zone, Dong Nai 



2015. Establishment of HITECH PCB. 


> Start setting up factory in Nhon Trach III industrial zone
> Supply PCB for THACO products from Oct 2015



2014. Setup factory in district 9, Ho Chi Minh city



2011. THACO first vendor

> supply LED lighting products for bus and R&D support service



2009. Establishment of Dong Viet Electronic Solutions (DVES)